What makes you F$@King Dope??

Name: Shenequa Adrien Golding

Age: 32

Occupation: I'm just a writer, love.

What makes you f**king dope?

Are you serious right now with this question, Ebony? 

Okay. Well, I can say that the best decision I ever made was to become a writer, and the worst decision I've made was to become a writer. It's a complicated and emotional occupation to have to turn your words into wealth just to be able to eat, but a las, this is the life I chose. 

During this process of slinging nouns, verbs and other parts of speech I've also had to hone my listening skills. I, legally cannot, misquote someone and if I do I can very well see that person in court, so accuracy is important. But more than accuracy I've learned how to listen to emotion, the words left unsaid when I pose a question to a subject that requires one to think and offer a response that's beyond the surface-level responses they usually offer. Deep sighs, moments when someone may look off to an object in the distance in hopes to gather their words and thoughts, or maybe even a shaking of their head, all this non-verbal communication on top of the verbal communication has made me a better listener. I do not listen with the intent of proving my point or someone wrong. I listen with the hope of understanding. I have to in order to write a good story. And because I'm a good listener I've found that people just love to talk to me. Like, they REALLY love to talk to me. At the end of all my interviews I ask my subjects the same simple question: So, how's your heart? and the responses are astounding, and you know what? I love listening to all of them. So if I had one attribute I could claim as dope it's the fact that I listen with my ears, heart and mind.

IG: Goldinggirl617