What makes You Fucking Dope?

Name: Ngono Louise Messinga

Age: 36

Occupation: Architect

What makes you Fucking Dope??
I'm a loving, caring, self-driven, independent, strong, creative woman. I was raised by a strong Haitian woman who taught me to always remain strong, never give up on my hopes and dreams. There's nothing that I can't put my mind to that I'm unable to achieve. I'm an architect, photographer, web designer, artist and blogger. 
Everyone has something that separates them from others. I love being different because it's better to be a leader than a follower. There's a sense of connection I feel when I help others and I enjoy helping them find their creativity with the skills that I have. 
Life is a game and I don't play like anyone else. I'm here to win! I will continue to play differently and that's what makes me so f%!king dope.
IG: @Fashion_arch
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