What Makes You Fucking Dope??

Name: Marquia Fitch

Age: 26

Occupation: Owner and Operator of Bec & Betty's Boutique

What Makes you Fucking Dope? 

I'm dope Bc I am a selfless , assertive, resilient boss ass chick! I live life to the fullest going after all my goals I've set to achieve. I'm passionate and driven. I understand life and I'm not afraid to live it. I'm a natural born cheerleader. When I win , we all win. I have a great sense of humor. Im forgiving (never forgetting ), I'm genuine and I take pride in being a real ass chick. I believe in loyalty and I live by a code a ethic. I was put on this earth to spread love and positivity. I can't wait to be put in the position to mentor our youth and give young girls the proper blueprint to living your best life. And that's why I'm fckkknn dope....

IG: @becandbettys